Peter Koroteev: 3d Mirror Symmetry for Instanton Moduli Spaces

Abstract: We prove that the Hilbert scheme of $k$ points on $\mathbb{C}^2$ (Hilb$^k[\mathbb{C}^2]$) is self-dual under three-dimensional mirror symmetry using methods of geometry and integrability. Namely, we demonstrate that the corresponding quantum equivariant K-theory is invariant upon interchanging its K\ahler and equivariant parameters as well as inverting the weight of the $\mathbb{C}^\times_\hbar$-action. First, we find a two-parameter family $X_{k,l}$ of self-mirror quiver varieties of type A and study their quantum K-theory algebras. 

The desired quantum K-theory of Hilb$^k[\mathbb{C}^2]$ is obtained via direct limit $l\to\infty$ and by imposing certain periodic boundary conditions on the quiver data. Throughout the proof, we employ the quantum/classical (q-Langlands) correspondence between XXZ Bethe Ansatz equations and spaces of twisted $\hbar$-opers. In the end, we propose the 3d mirror dual for the moduli spaces of torsion-free rank-$N$ sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^2$ with the help of a different (three-parametric) family of type A quiver varieties with known mirror dual.