Event Details:

Title:Lecture by Shilin Yu: Deformation quantization of nilpotent coadjoint orbits I & II

Location: Lecture hall

Speaker: Shilin Yu (Xiamen University)


The coadjoint orbit method of Kirillov and Kostant suggests that irreducible unitary representations of a Lie group can be constructed as geometric quantization of coadjoint orbits of the group. In the (most difficult) case of noncompact reductive Lie groups, Vogan reformulated the orbit method philosophy in terms of quantization of equivariant vector bundles on nilpotent coadjoint orbits. In these two talks, I will propose a scheme to quantize coadjoint orbits using deformation quantization of symplectic varieties and their Lagrangian subvarieties. This is partially based on joint work with Conan Leung and ongoing project with Ivan Losev.


Lecture Seminar