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Title:Lecture by Zhiyou Wu: p-adic Shtukas and Shimura varieties

Locationlecture hall 

Date:July 5-6

SpeakerZhiyou WuPeking University


AbstractShtukas were introduced first by Drinfeld in the function fields case to establish Langlands correspondences. The p-adic analogue is found much later by Peter Scholze. One of the main difficulties in the p-adic case is that it is not a classical algebraic or analytic geometry object, rather it lives in the new p-adic geometry developed by Scholze. Striking applications to the local Langlands program have been worked out by Fargues-Scholze. In the two talks, I will introduce a global application of these ideas, namely how it helps to settle the Eichler-Shimura relation for Shimura varieties. 



Lecture Seminar