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Title:Lecture by Fulin Chen and Chuyun Wang:Formal manifolds and formal Lie groups

Locationlecture hall 

Date:August 22

Speaker:Fulin Chen (Xiamen University)

                   Chuyun Wang (Westlake University)


Title: Formal manifolds

Abstract: In the setting of algebraic geometry, formal schemes are intensively studied in the literature. Motivated by applications to representation theory of Lie groups, we study similar objects, called formal manifolds, in the setting of differential geometry. In this talk, we will give a brief introduction to the general theory of formal manifolds.

Title: Formal Lie groups

Abstract: The theory of formal groups has found a number of applications in number theory, (arithmetical) algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and modular forms. In this talk, we will introduce and study a notion of what we call formal Lie groups, which can be thought of an analogue of formal groups in the setting of differential geometry. 



Lecture Seminar